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Selecta Real Estate

Selecta Real Estate

Area and sectors

Selecta Re operates mainly in the corporate sector and is specialised in real estate for companies and medium and large size real-estate investments, on the entire Italian national territory.
The clientele is mainly made up of investors, both private and institutional, Banks, Credit institutes, and Investment Funds, SGR, Hotel Companies, and construction companies; the majority of which are Italian and the remaining part is represented by qualified foreign investors and companies.
The main activities are brokerage and consultancy for sales, purchase, leasing or renting of companies in the following sectors:
Tourist accommodation: sales, leasing or renting of hotels, residences, tourist villages, and resorts located both in the big cities and in the main touristic areas, both at the sea and in the mountains. The hospitality sector is the strong point of Selecta RE where we take care of the search and selection of hotel operators for the management of existing hotels, hotels to be upgraded or repositioned on the market, supplying complete assistance in the negotiation of the lease contract, companies renting, and management contracts, also operating in collaboration with the main hotel chains.
Income Investments: buildings and office and business centres to be purchased, sold, or leased, historical buildings, commercial shops of medium and large department stores, logistic centres, securitizations and divestment of real-estate properties;
Commercial - Retail: sales, leasing, research of brands for commercial surfaces of medium and large department stores or Retail Park located in the main cities and in the areas of high commercial value.
Logistics and Offices: : building grounds for new installations, buildings to be converted or broken up, commercialisation for sale or leasing;

The Selecta RE group is constantly engaged in the search of the best opportunities on the market, in order to propose the best initiatives, operating also in collaboration with selected professionals such as legal firms and technicians, qualified real-estate agencies, hotel companies and trusted and of attested experience advisors. Entrusting Selecta RE, you are not only turning to a real-estate agency, but you can count on the collaboration of numerous protagonists of the real estate sector, ready to efficiently collaborate to conclude the assigned task.

The Team

The team is formed by a group of qualified consultants and brokers, each of whom carry out their work with passion, competence, and dedication. The staff shares the common objective of complete client satisfaction and offers quality consultancy to fully satisfy the client’s expectations, completely relying on the clientele’s fidelization. The simple and efficient organisation of Selecta Real Estate is able to conclude the jobs assigned with dynamism and professionalism, respecting the client’s expectations and managing the information with confidentiality.


To supply high quality services in the consultancy and real estate brokerage sectors, positively solving the jobs assigned in observance of the established times and budget. To offer those looking for real-estate investments, owners of single assets, or of entire real-estate portfolios the necessary professionalism and competence, operating transparently and independently. To satisfy the jobs assigned concretely, respecting the client’s necessities and expectations, following ethics principles and professional correctness.


For Selecta Real Estate some values constitute the foundations in carrying out their activities. The concept of company is often associated to profit, expansion, development, and obviously also Selecta Re pursues said objectives, but even more important is the respect of some ethics principles since we consider them fundamental values. For this reason we have set up an articulated Code of Ethics that all the collaborators and consultants that are part of this company must observe.

In the foreground

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